northampton area triples bowls league

      Please copy John Carter into your match reports   or call or message my mobile 07817754543

 Please re-arrange postponed  games within 14 days . to be played by game 12. 

 The ruling i made on the postponed game between West End "A" and Whyte Melville "A" was  incorrect and i am sorry for that. It has been decided this game must be played or the team or teams at fault will have 10 points deducted . The 3 point and 5 shots i awarded each team have been deducted

 TEAM     P    W     D     L  FOR AGAINST    DIFF      Pts 
 N'EXPRESS "A"141310104367536869.5 
 KINGSTHORPE "A"14110395473521958.5 
 ABINGTON "A"1470791879512345.5 
 WEST END "A"1490581870311541.5 
 DESBOROUGH TOWN14707813851-3841.5 
 WHYTE MELVILLE "A"14428695832-13735 
 St.CRISPIN "A"1421116831001-31820 
 KINGSTHORPE "B"1410136771009-33214.5 
 West End "A" 10 points deducted 
 TEAM   P   W   D   L  FORAGAINST  DIFF   Pts 
 EARLS BARTON 1410048567678954 
 WOOTTON "A"147078367746244 
 BUGBROOKE 14707796810-1441.5 
 DAVENTRY TOWN "A"14707789857-6840 
 ABINGTON "B"144010818835-1731 
 TEAM     P    W     D     L FOR AGAINST       DIFF           Pts 
 KISLINGBURY "B"14110399472027458.5 
 WEST END "B"1410228717759656 
 BRACKLEY 147078678283945 
 HARPOLE "A"14518778871-9339 
 COLD ASHBY14329784883-9929 
 N' EXPRESS "B"143110723940-21728 
 TEAM P W D L   F  A DIFF      Pts 
 KISLINGBURY "A"14100483769714055.5 
 DAVENTRY TIGERS1490585874511355.5 
 WOOTTON "B"149057366845249 
 WEST HADDON 149057957078848 
 St.CRISPIN "B"1470787576411145 
 WHYTE MELVILLE "B"147078667769045 
 HARPOLE "B"144010660884-22413 
 DAVENTRY TOWN "B"141013477847-3705 
 Harpole "B" 10 points deducted 
          Daventry Town  10 points deducted